MeyersBuilt 48 inch Pallet Fork Skid Steer Loader Attachment #5,500

MeyersBuilt 48 inch Pallet Forks Attachment #5,500
Clear View Headache Rack with Easy Entry on the MeyersBuilt 48 inch pallet forks attachment.
All MeyersBuilt attachments have universal mounting plates. (Can request modifications.)
FORKS - CLT 2 STD, 1 1/2" x 4" x 48"

New MeyersBuilt  48" Pallet Forks attachment universal mount fits Bobcat, John Deere, Case, and most other skid steer loaders. Clear view headache rack with easy entry.

Forks have a capacity of 5,500#'s per pair at a 24" load center. 

All of the forks have what we call a "parabolic" heel.  This added material in the fork heel will give the fork approximately 10% more life.

All of the forks have a 3to1 ratio safety factor built in. 

The forks are made to bend before they break, this is a safety feature.  You will see permanent deflection in the fork before you will have it break.

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